Corporate Rental

Tiaphari Corporate Rental

Whatever your business requires, we're ready to provide the best transportation solution. Knowing that every company has different needs, Tiaphari Corporate Rental is here to answer them with our safe, convenient, and standardized vehicle rental services.

Our Excellence

Make sure your business runs optimally with our extensive sales and aftersales network. Enjoy convenient reservation processes, pick our various well-maintained vehicles, and get reliable customer services.

Nation-wide network

Wide range of vehicle options

Official repair shop support

Easy reservation process

High-standard vehicle maintenance

24/7 customer services

Short-term car rental services

Short-term car rental services for highly-mobile corporate customers who need flexibility in rent duration. Wherever your business operates, get various high-quality vehicles that you can book easily through our reservation center.

Long-term car rental services

Get convenient long-term vehicle rental services for your business with Corporate Rental. With our easy reservation processes, you can effectively fulfill your company's transportation needs. Additionally, our entire fleet are integrated with technology which ensures efficient vehicle management throughout the year. Tiaphari has various vehicle options that can be customized to your business requirements. They get regular maintenance and support from our aftersales services to ensure your business runs smoothly.

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